You Should Not Underestimate These Girls From Anime World

One of the charms of watching Japanese cartoons or anime is the characters in them who have advantages, either good-looking or genius. No wonder, if some anime creators create the most attractive and smart anime girl characters to support the visualization of characterizations and storylines that are getting stronger. Women in Japanese anime are also often depicted as tough, although some are spoiled and cute. Meanwhile, you might also want to see Unique anime characters with extraordinary personalities and abilities.

We have summarized some of the most attractive and smart anime girl characters:

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is a ninja who is descended from the Hyuga clan who has qualified abilities and is prepared to become the heir of the Hyuga clan. However, the family’s hopes for Hinata seemed to have eroded after Hinata who was growing very slowly.

Besides being beautiful and tough, Hinata has a proven sense of loyalty, until in the end her love is repaid and she manages to become Naruto’s wife.

Kirisaki Chitoge

Kirisaki Chitoge is a woman with a character who is smart, beautiful, adorable, and has a fierce temper that often explodes.

Chitoge in the anime series by the collaboration of director Naoyuki Tatsuwa and Akiyuki Shinbo is told as a transfer student, with a beautiful crossbreed Japanese-American stature.

In this anime series that aired from January to May 2014, the story begins when Raku, who was still a child, promised to marry a little girl named Onodera whom he met on a study tour.

Raku gave her the locket key in hopes that she would meet Onodera when she was an adult or 10 years later.

After growing up, in his search, Raku met Chitoge, who is also the son of a gangster leader in America. Several coincidences such as matchmaking between them make this one anime adorable in every episode.

Yuuki Asuna

The iconic Yuuki Asuna with her long brown mane can bewitch the hearts of male anime fans with her swordsmanship agility. No doubt, Asuna deserves to be said to be the most attractive anime girl character.

Asuna is described as a female character who is strong, tough, and willing to sacrifice to save the life of another main character, Kazuto Kirigaya.

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