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Stewart Sukuma – Olumwengo

Date : 2012-07-04 14:53:51

Description : Luis Pereira, known as Stewart Sukuma (born in 1963) is a Mozambican singer. His stage name - Stewart Sukuma - means 'Rise Up' in Zulu and 'Push' in Swahili. He was born in Cuamba, Niassa Province in Mozambique. Coming from a modest family he soon realized his passion for music and in 1977 he moved to the capital Maputo, where he learned how to play percussion, guitar and piano. In 1982 he joined a music group as a vocalist. He won the Mozambican prize for music - Ngoma - in 1983 and soon became one of the most played singers in the national radio stations of Mozambique. His major works include songs as Felisminha, Xitchuketa Marrabenta, Sumanga and he sings in languages including Portuguese, English, Swahili and Echwabo (...) 

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