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UNIDO lays the foundation for ‘greening’ the process of silk dyeing

Date : 2012-01-17 15:27:47

Description : Within the context of the joint programme, UNIDO aims to assess the opportunities and constraints for improved silk dyeing and printing in the handicraft sector in Vietnam, including the potential for the application of improved environmentally-friendly natural dyeing by ethnic miority groups. Ethnic minority groups are often skilled in making natural dyes from locally available materials including various kinds of leaves, roots, barks, and flowers found in the surrounding environment. They continue to promote the use of natural dyeing techniques in order to make more environmentally-friendly products. However, the process of natual dyeing is mainly basing on the household’s experience and the lack of standardization of the dyeing process and uncontrolled use of raw materials, water and mordants, makes it difficult to ensure a consistent and stable colour fixing on final products (...) 

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