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Russian Traditional Nested Dolls

Date : 2011-11-02 11:01:13

Description : This site is devoted to the Russian nested dolls (in other words nesting dolls, matryoshka, stacking dolls, nest dolls and some other synonymous) and there is not wonder it - there are plenty of sites that offer Russian nesting dolls of many kinds and in many places. But we dared to contradict this trend and we offer some nested dolls made in one specific style and in one place. We are talking about matrioshka nesting dolls painted in classical traditions of the village (now this is a small town) Semionov that locates in central part of Russia close to the region center Nizhniy Novgorod. As it is well know the first Russian matryoshka doll appeared in 1898. Then some craftsmen who were involved in production of wooden toys tried to make their own nesting dolls. The artisans of the village Semionov, a regional center of wooden crafts, made their own matryoshka in 1920-s. Since that time Semionov style of matrioshka has been developing constantly and new techniques appeared but all new features of Semionov nesting doll took their roots in that the very first Semionov matrioshka. You can read more about history of Semionoskaya nesting doll on the history page. (...) 

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