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Online Graphic Design Degree

Date : 2011-10-28 10:03:21

Description : Graphic Design undertakes the task of translating messages intended for specific audiences through visual communication. Such communication uses various outlets including typography, visual arts, page layout, and Web displays to effectively represent the message of a company, product, or brand. Graphic designers are often creative professionals who use their skills and talents for a multitude of purposes. This includes designing logos, product-packaging, advertisements, Web sites, magazines and books, as well as many other mediums through which visual enhancements work to develop consumer recognition and intrigue. In order to excel in graphic design and succeed in this field, aspiring and professional designers must stay abreast of the latest developments, marketing trends, artistic sensibilities, and consumer demands. New products and companies are constantly seeking improvement and fresh ways to remain present and desirable. It is the responsibility of the graphic designer to understand his or her clients’ needs and to represent their messages in ways that suit business and aesthetic goals... 

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