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Date : 2011-03-02 11:46:34

Description : LINDA MAI PHUNG is a French Vietnamese ready-to-wear fashion label. Inspired by the designer’s journeys through crafts villages of Vietnam, the original designs illustrate a poetic travel journal made exclusively with Vietnamese textiles – silk, linen, cotton, and handloom hemp- and artisans. The blending of fine embroideries from ethnical minorities textiles and a contemporary style, makes each garment unique. LINDA MAI PHUNG strives for using only ecological, natural or recycled textiles, and aims to always design her projects with traditional craft from Vietnam as an insatiable inspiration and source of creativity. She has settled long-term partnership with associations to support artisans in Vietnam and associations for street children of Ho Chi Minh City. By offering creative fashion designs combined with traditional crafts, LINDA MAI PHUNG intends to bridge the two worlds, all the while promoting and preserving traditional Vietnamese handicrafts. 

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