Tips for Caring for a Long Lasting Wedding Flower Bouquet

Indeed, in this world nothing is perfect, but if you want to make a wedding ceremony perfect, there is no word impossible. Everything, if you are determined to hold the perfect wedding, of course, you can. One of the factors that can affect the perfection of a wedding is to prepare various wedding decorations and supplies. Wedding decorations as long as we know there are not a few. However, among the many wedding decorations available, one important factor that can greatly support the perfection of a wedding is wedding flowers from florist, for example, flower bouquets, flower boards, and so on FLOWER HUT.

Tips for caring for a happy wedding flower bouquet include:

The first step that needs to be done is to place a flower bouquet by placing it in a vase filled with water. And change the water several times a day.
Then, cut off the stems of each flower at a 45-degree angle. Do this step a little at a time every day. Why do you have to cut the ends of the stems? Because to prevent the surface of the air bubbles from being wider so that the flowers can absorb more water. However, the thing that really needs to be remembered is if this one tip doesn’t actually apply to all types of flowers.
Then, add a teaspoon or a quarter cup of soda to the water. Why add sugar or soda? Because sugar or soda is a substance needed by flowers, in addition, this method can also mimic the photosynthetic process in plants. So, don’t forget to change the water and the mixture several times a day.
Then, clean the flowers from all the leaves that have withered or are submerged in water, this is done so that the water remains clean and fresh for a longer time.
Furthermore, please pay attention if the flower bouquet is not exposed to direct sunlight. Because excessive heat can make the petals wither more easily.
Then, spray the flowers using hairspray. Why is that? Of course, it sounds weird, right? However, this method can help make the flower bouquet more durable.

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