The Importance Of Time In Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a very precious moment for every mother or prospective parent. During approximately nine months of pregnancy, you experienced many changes, one of which was a change in the shape of the stomach. It’s a shame if this moment is not immortalized as memories that you will tell the children later. It’s no wonder that many pregnant women want to immortalize their pregnancies through exclusive artin photography , you can do it too. But before planning to do a maternity shoot, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

Perfect timing when shooting is important. Maternity shoots focus on taking the belly of pregnant women, therefore shooting should be done when the gestational age enters the final semester, which is 7-8 months. This makes it easier for You to follow the direction of the pose from a stylist or photographer, as well as comfortable in undergoing a shooting process that takes a long time. For mothers who are pregnant with twins, a maternity shoot can be done in the second semester of pregnancy because changes in the abdomen can be seen. Besides, it is better if the shooting process starts in the morning, especially for mothers who shoot in outdoor locations. The best time to shoot is when the sun rises in the morning and is not later than 9 am, and if you choose the time of the afternoon it is best to do it in the afternoon until sunset to get a dramatic effect on the sky. However, the timing of the shoot is adjusted to your condition.

The theme is one of the important things in a photoshoot, why? Because a theme describes a person’s personality, so choose the right theme according to your wishes. If you use the services of a stylist or stylist, usually the stylist will help create a theme in the form of a mood board. Where on the mood board, there are photoshoot themes such as elegant chic, casual look or fun, some examples of stylish poses, references to makeup, or wardrobes that will be used during the photoshoot.

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