These Are Simple Ways To Maintain Your Orchids

Of the many types that exist in the world of orchids, the most famous is the type of dendrobium and oncidium, this type of orchid blooms once every 1-2 years but when blooming orchids can last up to 2-3 months. Orchids have the meaning of fertility, elegance, and love, therefore many flower lovers give orchids as gifts to new parents. Meanwhile, if you want to buy other beautiful flowers, you can order them from tesco flowers delivery.

Orchid lovers as well as those who want to have this beautiful flower as a collection of course must know how to care for this one flower. Here are some simple tips for caring for orchids to keep them beautiful:

Ideal place

Orchids need a healthy and comfortable place, orchids will be able to grow healthy if the place to grow has the ideal humidity and light intensity. The light needed by orchids ranges from 50-70% so that the place to grow orchids must have a roof made of paranet so that the light needed for orchids to grow is sufficient and ideal for orchids. Regular cleaning of the place is also needed, clean the dry leaves in the place where the orchid grows.

Give it a suitable media for planting

The selection of planting media for orchids is also one of the important things to keep orchids growing beautiful. Orchid planting media has a rule where the planting media must be arranged from 2 sides so that the orchid looks healthy and blooms a lot. This arrangement consists of 1/3 filled by bricks and 2/3 filled by ferns. Then the shape of the pot must also be considered, pots for orchids must be made of clay and also have air holes so that soil moisture and air circulation are ideal for orchid growth.

Diligently watering the orchids

Every plant needs to be watered diligently to be fertile, as well as orchids. Orchids need to be watered regularly 2 times a day, morning and evening, this watering is not necessary if the weather conditions are heavy rain. Sprinklers must also be considered because watering too much water on orchids will cause the orchid planting medium to become moist and this will cause the growth of bacteria and fungi that will interfere with the growth of orchids.