You Can Use Hydroponic Method To Plant Broccoli In A Low Altitude Place

Growing broccoli is not difficult. It only takes your patience and patience. In the previous article, we gave an overview of how to grow broccoli hydroponically. Well, now we will provide a more specific review of growing broccoli in pots that can be done even in the lowlands by still relying on hydroponic methods. The hydroponic method is used because this method offers a variety of growing media suitable for planting broccoli sprout seeds in the lowlands.

Broccoli plant only lives in areas with an altitude of 800-1000 m above sea level. But now, along with the development of various kinds of technology, broccoli which should only grow in the highlands can be planted in pots even in the lowlands. By using a hydroponic system and choosing the right planting medium, this is very possible to do.

The hydroponic method was chosen because of the growing media that supports cultivation in a low altitude place, also because this method is very clean so that it can be planted even indoors. Also, allowing it to be planted in a room will be very profitable with a narrow space that can produce a lot of plants when compared to conventional methods because the pots used are easier to arrange the layout. Regarding the results, it is certain that this hydroponic method can produce more vegetables.

Broccoli seeds that must be planted must of course be of good quality so that later the cultivation results carried out are not in vain. To be said to be good, several requirements or standards for broccoli seeds must be met:

– Whole seeds; not injured / not disabled.
– The seeds must be healthy and not damaged by pests.
– Pure seeds; not mixed with other seeds and also free from dirt.
– The seeds are taken from the seed type that is needed.
– Seeds have 80% germination.
– If the seeds are submerged in water while soaking, then the seeds are good.