The Type Of Volatility Index 75 Brokers To Avoid

There are many things a trader needs to pay attention to when they choose the volatility index 75. Choosing the right brokers could be a challenge. It is recommended that avoid volatility index 75 brokers that do not use the MetaTrader 4 platform, are the ones that go wrong the most, and according to the fact, such brokers often make customers lose money because of their fraud. Read more information about it at Avoid brokerage companies that can use a cent account, for example, you deposit $ 100 but what is shown on your trading account balance is $ 10000, now that is the goal to manipulate the books to make it look big. And this type of brokerage only exists in Non-regulated brokers, as well as bookmakers. Avoid these types of brokers, because they are not right.

Avoid brokerage businesses that give unbelievable bonuses. The characteristics of a broker like this are giving bonuses to super big, some even 100% (but if the bonus is still small, such as 3%, 5% is still reasonable and there are requirements to withdraw it), but for an extraordinary bonus of up to 20 % more (unless there is a certain lot requirement to withdraw it) then there must be a more evil consequence, namely they adjust the results of your transaction so that your losses and money go into their dealer pockets.

And the average brokerage company that gives the big bonus will end up making it difficult to withdraw your funds, which are currently very risky, or some other brokers who have scam (run away). they all use this mode first for their gimmick. Remember there is no free money in this business unless there are consequences, and the bigger the bonus the more dangerous it will be. All the bonuses that look huge must have consequences and they can hurt you. Use a broker that is registered and properly regulated, such as those already registered with one of the regulators such as CFTC / NFA, FINRA, MFSA, FCA UK, MIFID, ASIC.