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CHF International

Date : 2012-09-25 15:13:29

DescriptionCHF is an innovator in providing locally appropriate financial solutions. We have pioneered housing microfinance since the 1970’s and have continuously managed credit programs in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Every program that we undertake is designed to meet the needs of the local communities in which we work.It has always been our goal to meet our customers’ financial needs, but more importantly, to help them realize their full potential, and make our many communities greater than the sum of their parts. To that end, CHF International has created a commercial holding company—The Vitas Group (formerly known as CHF Finance Group)—to improve our long-term impact on families, businesses and communities through the provision of financial services. The Vitas Group is founded on four key commitments to our clients: to make our process easy, so that their lives are easier; to understand their unique circumstances and skills; to be proactive in addressing their needs; and to connect them to new possibilities.

Street Address

CitySilver Spring

CountryUnited States of America

Name of InstitutionCHF International

Phone+1 301-587-4700



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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