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Craft Aid Mauritius

Date : 2012-09-25 15:07:55

DescriptionCraft Aid ( Mauritius ) Co. Ltd. – a non profit-making organisation dedicated to the welfare of the disabled people was created in the year 1982. Our main objective is to provide paid employment to the disabled and rehabilitate them in the society. Our workforce includes a significant number of mentally and physically handicapped person as well as mute and deaf person. Craft Aid is a member of WFTO. The aim of this association is to improve the livelihood of disadvantage people in developing countries by linking and strengthening organisation that offer just alternative to unfair trade practice. Our mission statement supports fair trade ethics, as expressed in the WFTO code of practice.

Street Address

CityRose Hill


Name of InstitutionCraft Aid Mauritius

Phone(230) 464 29 22



Type of ActivityArtisan / Artisan Group

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