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GRET Professionals for Fair Development

Date : 2012-09-25 14:52:33

DescriptionFounded in 1976, GRET is an NGO of professionals for fair development. It supports sustainable development processes in urban and rural areas by building on social equity, economic promotion and respect for the environment. GRET favors presence-based cooperation with GRET’s field teams to support local actors. Whenever possible, it develops partnerships with local organizations with the aim of strengthening them (NGOs, consultancy firms, public bodies, private companies). It provides the technical, methodological (social engineering, project cycle, monitoring and assessment) and managerial support necessary for proper project operation, and shares its know-how in particular through extensive efforts to document and disseminate this know-how.

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CityNogent sur Marne


Name of InstitutionGRET Professionals for Fair Development




Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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