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Kandahar Treasure

Date : 2011-11-03 14:04:56

DescriptionKandahar Treasure is a social enterprise that employs 400 women artisans in and around Kandahar. The embroidery project started in 2003 with 25 women as a project of Afghans for Civil Society and has now developed into an independent organization that creates economic opportunity and the possibility of independence for Afghan women in the country's most violent region. The organization offers income generation opportunities for Afghan women in their homes-a vital first step to achieving rights by enabling women to care for themselves and their family and raising the level of respect women have in their homes. In addition to Income generation, Kandahar Treasures provides home-based literacy education for women and girls, social events for women, health awareness, and links to medical care.

Street Address

CityKandahar City


Name of InstitutionKandahar Treasure

Phone(937) 00303 819



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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