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Crafting Peace

Date : 2011-11-02 16:01:36

DescriptionThe overall approach of Crafting Peace is to co-create design products with craftsmen in fragile countries. Crafting is a method of tapping someone’s (often undiscovered) potential using hand, head and heart. Nevertheless crafting – as graceful, authentic and artistic it may appear – simply means putting bread on the table in some parts of our world. Crafting Peace consists of two symbiotic parts: Crafting Peace Lab and Crafting Peace Products.In the Crafting Peace Lab experiment, ideas, cross-fertilization and worldwide talent are joined using craft as a tool to create worldwide compassion. The Crafting Peace Products are results of the Lab and sold commercially under the Crafting Peace label. The profits of the Crafting Peace Products are reinvested back in the Lab to initiate design projects in other fragile areas. CRAFTING PEACE WITH BOUMI The first collection will be interiors cushions in the iconic shape of a bird. A collection that was co-created with a Afghan craft company in Kabul. In December 2010 two of our Crafting Peace designers travelled to Kabul to work with the crafters and co-create the collection. Read their webog in our 'LATEST' section. After hard work, lots of co-creation and an amazing experience, we presented the first and brand new Crafting Peace collection at Maison et Objet in Paris, last January! It was a big succes, shops all over the world ordered our birds! Boumi:

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