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Date : 2011-10-20 15:35:35

Descriptionyour craft is your brand The idea behind Crafiti grew from a passion for handcraft, handicrafts & their associated markets that till date remain a fringe constituent of the home décor and small business sector while being a key factor to livelihood and cultural sustainability. Most current markets consider buying out the crafts at very low prices, called ‘competitive’ in modern parlance while selling them at huge margins under the garb of sourcing constraints without giving due credibility to the artist & creator. The artisans lack the wherewithal and capabilities to reach out to their local markets themselves, leave aside the world wide penchant for hand craft works. Thus artisans lack scope to enlist their skills in the retail framework of shelve spaces, making little or nil impact to the living standards of the artist & artisan communities while cultural heritage gets sublime and lost to the market dynamics and vagaries of pricing policies of retail chains. An artist’s greatest sense of achievement comes when his/her work is not only celebrated, but the knowledge and culture embedded in the craft takes it across to newer shores, latest connoisseurs of the craft and in return realises the ‘right price’. At Crafiti, wanted the artist to determine the price; thus creating a fair market practice in its truest sense. Not to forget that the craftisan gets to speak about him/herself alongwith the art, its cultural heritage and provide true recognition to the artist & cultural inspiration behind the craft; and perhaps not the retail branding & lost history. Thus Crafiti was born. Crafiti opens its doors to all crafts and handicraft artisans, painters, designers, photographers and homegrown craftisans who can showcase their work in our bazaar called ‘tokri’. Hence we encourage you to enlist as a seller and display your crafts for people all over the globe to see, buy and appr eciate while spreading your skill and craft worldwide. As a legally enlisted entity, there is safety in our assurance. We are open to artisans and craftisans all over t he globe, without discrimination, unless the law in the land does so! Being online and only online, it is open 24x7, 365 days in a year and allows you to sell your craft, at a price determined by you. This way, while the creator receives his/her due credence, the craft receives appreciation and a window to showcase globeover. With the price being determined by you as the seller rather than us, it’s a pure bazaar concept. Why barter? This was a critical question we debated and led to various issues of what can be considered hand craft. Can a patchwork on an old dress be considered hand craft? Surely, we screamed in unison, if it carries itself and further makes the piece attractive and usable! We noted that families carry huge wardrobes filled with old clothes and junk jewelry. Why not barter them with someone who can remould them, re-craft them while can have something within his/her closet to offer in return? Thus the idea of barter was conceived. tokri or basket, is the market place where the listed crafts and works of art are displayed for buying or barter. Sellers have options to offer a pure sell, a combo of either sell or barter, or for that matter, a pure barter offer. Thus one can barter their own used craft or items by enlisting as a seller. The process is simple and we encourage you and all your friends and social network to be invited to buy or barter while knowing about new crafts and culture through our tokri and participating in our community and blog offerings. It’s simple, it’s fantastic! The site should be up by Dec 2012 for beta stage testing & fully hosted by Jan 2012. your craft is your brand FAQ:Facts Assumed (yet still) Questioned! Q: What is Crafiti & what is Tokri? A: Crafiti is an online bazaar that promotes handcraft products, handicraft items, folk art (& music too!), artists, artisans & girls fed up with junk jewellery & looking for an exchange partner! So, in a nutshell, we are an online platform for craftspersons, artists, homegrown designers to sell their creations to buyers looking beyond brands and equally eager for ethnic & heritage works of art & labour. „tokri‟ is a basket. It‟s an eclectic bouquet of items available for either sell or barter. Q: Do I have to enlist to list items for Crafiti? A: Yes, you need to for both buying & selling. But it on ly takes a minute and once you‟re in, you‟re in. Real people keep the spammer bots away. Q: Is my email and log in information safe with you? A: Oh Surely!. We don‟t intend to make money by selling your email address. (Disclaimer: unless you are Paris Hilton, Madonna, Ashton Kutcher & the likes and we get our hands on your email, all bets are off!) Q: So how does one barter? We understanding buying & selling though! A: Finally you‟re talking! Good question! So, for one, you need to enlist as a seller to b arter. Once enlisted, you can choose the barter sign to indicate you‟re not running behind money! A buyer like me might like your stuff (alongwith a few others) & choose in turn to offer my stuff for barter to upto 5 sellers(you can‟t go on offering to all in the world, and anyway, not everyone is looking for used stuff!). The first person who agrees for a barter goes for a 0(zero) price transaction for of their stuff(again rule/5). You both hence pay the shipping fees & share your goodies without paying a price(other than shipping, I remind again). You can read all about the terms at our site or by closing your eyes really tight and trying to read our thoughts via ESP, which is way different from ESPN because our thoughts are not about sports, but sharing anything extra & creative. Q: What is the rule/5? A: List 5 items free of listing charges as a seller. Offer your barter item to upto five item sellers in one go! Offer 5% discount to 5 friends of yours for buying from us (the party is on us!) & spreading the good word. We offer five core categories; Accessories, Threadles, Clayons, Choc -a-block & Funtastic! Five „Most‟ category listings; most recent, most liked, most bought, most promising, most bargain. Now that‟s five rules of Five. Q: Is there anything I can’t sell here? A: Yes. If it‟s illegal, immoral, just too funny we‟ll delete it, ban the user, and we won‟t even think twice about it. Here are other things you can‟t sell on this site: Living friends (and enemies), amateur taxidermy of any kind, ugly granny sweaters, single shoes, M&M logos with one of the Ms sucked off, vials of cockroach blood that haven‟t been verified by a bloody expert and still boasts a certificate of authenticity, empty Wafers or Starbucks cups, and any your craft is your brand and all torn & stinky clothing that you wouldn‟t dare wearing yourself, broken plates, Twilight posters with your gracious autograph for free. Q: Can I buy this site? A: Oh sure! For a few million dollars, if you can spare. We‟ll even throw in a complimentary party with choco brownies! We‟re terrible dancers, but if you pay a few more extra, we can get MJ‟s soul in a dancer from “So You Think You Can Dance” making up for it too. Q: How does the site make money then? A: We charge 15% of the listed selling price as selling fees. There are no other charges unless you want to list everything around in your house worth selling! We told you, we‟re in need of money, we‟re cheap, but not in a bad way. Mind you, we foot the running costs of this site alongwith payment gateway charges. And mind you, we don‟t mark up prices so that it never sells! Q: Can I be both a buyer & seller at the same time? A: Sure you can! Don‟t you sell a things but buy a host of others everyday? Same here at the handcraft bazaar. Single ID. Buy. Sell. Barter. But no stealing please. We want to be on the right side of the law. Q: Now let’s get serious. How can a buyer be assured as it’s his money? A: We equally pondered this question; so unlike a bazaar, where you pay directly to the seller, here you pay us first. We retain the money on behalf of the buyer and ask the seller to ship. Once delivered, we give the buyer 7(seven) working days ( we still want you to spend time at the shopping malls on weekends watching the latest flick) and revert whether the seller pr omised gold & send you dung. If everything‟s fine and you kindly revert (or still you don‟t, as a few snobs are!), we release the funds to the seller after deducting our fees. (Finally our money comes! Phew!!). So atleast this assures the buyer in you that you aren‟t taken for a ride by a user claiming to sell a la Rembrandt , but if it isn‟t him, we ensure your money is safe & refunded in full! So you like it, it adorns your wall & both the team at Crafiti & the seller earn their bread (but perhaps still not the butter unless you return again to buy. Please, we need the butter too…) On a serious note, this reflects our serious thoughts on customer satisfaction and ethical practices to our consumers & connoisseurs of craft & art. Q: How does it benefit everyone in the value chain? A: Imagine looking for something ethnic at a fair price in that same shopping mall you went on the last weekend. We do not intend to promote brands like every other corporate e -commerce site but bring the artisan closer to the market by allowing them to trade their goods directly with responsible buyers like you who love gifting ethnic stuff to your uncles, aunts & their pretty daughters on various occasions (and times beyond!). You get a fair price for an original handicraft that p erhaps may never get created again (and tell that beautiful lady to barter it back at our bazaar once she is fed up with either of the two!) Q: Oh! So this is fun! A: Do you still doubt our sense of humour? We never doubted it & thus started a site called Crafiti !! Click to log on to our facebook page: your craft is your brand Seller Enlistment Form Name:________________________________ Contact Tel #:_______________________________ Place of Residence/Address:_________________________________________________ _________ __________________________________________ Contact email: _________________________ Description of art work/craft or merchandise:______________________________ ______________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Artwork is: (please check one) Seller will ship from:  Handmade by me Country___________________________________  Handmade by other artisans City__________________ PIN Code___________ As a launch offer, Crafiti would offer to first listed sellers the opportunity to list 10 items free of listing charges for life! Over the next few days, we look forward to enlistments that will allow us to showcase your craft under a „ship & get paid‟ scheme that allows for buyer confidence while allowing us to build a credit history, like any business for a period of time, post which we will move into the „paid before you ship‟ mode of payments to sellers. Listing does not lock inventory, but allows you to reach out to potential buyers through our marketing & social media activities while allowing you to focus on what you are best at; your craft & its ingenuity! The window for enlistment as a first list seller is open till 15th Nov 2011. List before that, be part of the beta testing process, & let‟s all grow tog ether! Listing Details: Item Name Category Price Quantity Pure/Barter/Combo Once we receive this filled in enlistment form, we will request you to complete the list through an online process by filling in details like item image, seller payment details, videos of the craft, if any to be uploaded against the selling item/seller. T&C apply. Please return by email to by 15th November 2011 for first list seller privileges.

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