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Tam Lay Lao

Date : 2011-05-25 16:50:13

DescriptionTam Lay Lao is a self financed Laotian Textile Company. Our Vientiane workshops develop 100% silk and cotton products, mixing traditional expertise and creativity with special attention brought to the finish. Created in 2004, Tam Lay Lao was formerly an association based in Luang Prabang. Its aim was to promote high quality craftsmanship to the greatest number of people and to support a group of local weavers by finding middlemen for their products on the international market. For more visibility the organization was then transformed into a self financed Lao company, managed directly by the weavers.

Street AddressBan Sisangvone



Name of InstitutionTam Lay Lao

Phone(856 20) 5571 045



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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