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Sanabora Design House

Date : 2011-05-25 15:32:37

DescriptionSanabora Design House was established way back in 2003 with an aim of achieving prosperity and improving society’s well being through design. Sanabora is located at Aqua Plaza, Muranga Road Nairobi, where a team of 15 full-time staff, work round the clock to create viable business solutions that are beneficial to our partners and Sanabora as an organization. Sanabora is established with Production, Graphic Design and Marketing departments committed to offer technical support to producers, in line with Fair Trade principles so as to ensure high quality and high value goods that secure a place in modern markets.To achieve the above, Sanabora offers Product development & marketing training tailored to assist producers to participate effectively in developing thousands of new products required by consumers each year. The training emphasizes on adherence to fair working practices, creativity, innovation, value addition, quality management and presentation of products.

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