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Business Support Centre for SMEs

Date : 2011-05-20 14:57:44

DescriptionThe Rousse Support Centre has been registered in January 1996 as a  non-governmental and non- profit  organization by the following member - organization: Regional Union of Private Economic Enterprise - Rousse, Rousse Municipality, Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and  Bulgarian Industrial Association - Rousse.  It began active operation in April 1996  and till that present moment has shown to be very efficient  thanks both to the efforts of its staff and attracted consultants and to the assistance granted by the Delegation of European Commission,PHARE Program and by Austrian government.

Street Address14 Kresna Str.



Name of InstitutionBusiness Support Centre for SMEs

Phone(359 82) 821 472


Fax(359 82) 821 472

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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