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Acta de Honduras

Date : 2011-05-19 17:16:01

DescriptionLocated in the heart of Central America, Honduras has a very rich artisan tradition. Most of the Indigenous and rural artisans are women, keepers of the pre-Columbian and colonial techniques, shapes and secrets. In the hands of Lenca, Miskito, Tawahka, Garifuna, Pech, Tolupan, Maya, Chortí and Mestizo women, these traditions are experimenting a renaissance and renovating themselves thanks the support and design work of ACTA DE HONDURAS. Honduras' artisans produce pottery, basketry, embroidery, textiles, jewelry, musical instruments, tuno paper, carved stone & wood, glass and iron accessories. Today, artisans are organized into cooperatives, micro enterprises and productive groups. Lencan Pottery is one of the most known and impressive Artisanry of Honduras. The Lenca women produce black pottery, 'spotted' pots recalling the spots of the moon, and artistic objects hand decorated using pre-Columbian techniques. Each time you buy a product, you support.

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