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Kenya Gatsby Trust

Date : 2011-05-19 17:02:56

DescriptionKenya Gatsby Trust is one of the 4 African Trusts established by the UK based Gatsby Charitable Foundation and is a not for profit Business Support Organisation, involved in the facilitation of capacity development of Micro and Small Enterprises through Enterprise Development Unit, Financial Services and Technology Development and Transfer, all geared towards poverty alleviation and wealth creation. Our competency is demonstrated in facilitating access and sustainability of markets for Micro and Small Scale producers. The Centre for International Market Access (CIMA) is the marketing arm of Kenya Gatsby Trust (KGT).It was initiated by the "Good Woods" partners in Kenya; WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF), Oxfam and KGT, in 2004 to promote sustainable utilization of forests and tree resources in Kenya. The product range has expanded to include a wide range of crafts.

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