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Jordan River Foundation

Date : 2011-05-19 16:52:59

DescriptionTheir vision is to empower society, especially women and children, and in turn, improve the quality of life to secure a better future for all Jordanians. The Jordan River Foundation's mission is to promote, in partnership with stakeholders, the development of a dynamic Jordanian society by initiating and supporting sustainable social, economic and cultural programs that empower communities and individuals based on their needs and priorities. Part of their activities is the Income Generating Handicraft Project. The Foundation started its economic empowerment efforts by focusing on the improvement of status of women in underprivileged areas through three Income-Generating Handicraft projects: the Bani Hamida Women Weaving project, the Jordan River Designs project, and the Wadi Al-Rayan project. The nature of the intervention of the Foundation was reflected through providing women in these areas with employment opportunities while reviving a traditional cultural practice.

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