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Ikamva Labantu

Date : 2011-05-19 16:30:15

DescriptionIkamva Labantu, meaning "The Future of Our Nation," is a leading nonprofit community development organization in South Africa. The organization existed informally for 30 years during Apartheid while the white minority government suppressed attempts to organize in the black communities. In 1992, as Apartheid came to an end, it was officially registered as a nonprofit to deliver core services to marginalized communities in the Western Cape by collaborating with a number of community-based organizations (CBOs). Ikamva Labantu works with its CBO partners to deliver four core services to communities: primary health care; education and skills training; food security and poverty alleviation through small business development; and obtaining land and buildings for needed institutions. Their programs reach all ages, meeting the needs of early childhood development, youth, families, and seniors. Ikamva Labantu's vision is one of improved quality of life for all of Cape Town's residents and strong community organizations that thrive on their own. In this regard, Ikamva Labantu promotes personal growth, leadership, and innovation as the keys to positive social change. Community Creations, one of Ikamva Labantu's economic empowerment programs, is a center that provides production and entrepreneurial skills training, as well as jobs, to disadvantaged and disabled individuals, including deaf and HIV positive men and women. A wide variety of goods, including toys and clothing, are produced in Ikamva Labantu's workshops and then sold through small businesses in South Africa. Now, with GGP's assistance, they reach an international market as well.

Street AddressBuchanan BuildingBuchanan Square160 Sir Lowry Road

CityCape Town

CountrySouth Africa

Name of InstitutionIkamva Labantu

Phone(27 21) 461 8338


Fax(27 21) 461 6823

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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