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Foundation for Development of Needy Communities

Date : 2011-05-19 15:03:12

DescriptionThe Foundation for Development of Needy Communities (FDNC) responds to Uganda's high rate of unemployment using methods that promote community participation, sustainable development, and individual empowerment. Established in 1996 by concerned community leaders, FDNC is committed to addressing the social crises that affect Eastern Uganda's most marginalized populations such as high rates of youth unemployment, growing income inequality, high HIV and AIDS prevalence, and limited access to education. FDNC offers comprehensive programming that includes training community-based healthcare workers throughout the region; establishing a center for special needs children; providing paralegal services; and creating income generating opportunities for youth and women through goat-rearing, beekeeping, agriculture, and crafts. The FDNC vocational school educates nearly 300 youth annually in carpentry, masonry, hairdressing, tailoring, performance arts, computers, and sustainable agriculture.

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Name of InstitutionFoundation for Development of Needy Communities

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