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Date : 2011-05-17 13:42:31

DescriptionThe Sericulture Development Corporation of Cauca (CORSEDA) is an organization comprised by about 200 families of cocoon producers and silk handicrafts from the North of Department of Cauca, Colombia, South America. The multiplicity of shapes, textures and others, is the result of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the families that take part of Corseda. Black people, white people, mestizo people (of mixed ancestry), and indigenous of ethnic group from Guambia and Paez work together for an unique purpose: To improve the quality of life of their families and give the world a product that because of the addition of many different perceptions about the surrounding environment and life overcomes inimitable. Since its establishment it has worked according to one principle: "The generation of associative enterprise patterns as an only way in which small producers can face the modernization and internationalization conditions of the market", due to CORSEDA is considered as a Associatively Model.

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CityPopayán- Cauca


Name of InstitutionCorseda



Fax(57 2) 8248671

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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