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Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa (COFTA)

Date : 2011-05-17 11:32:31

DescriptionThe Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa – COFTA is an African network of producer organizations that are using Fair Trade principles to fight poverty and bring about sustainable development. We currently work with hundreds of producers in 24 countries in Africa. Further to this, our network is working on a grass root level, and we have worked together with our producer organizations to set up in-country networks and associations in 10 African countries, with the strongest networks being based in East Africa. Within the COFTA network, we have 110 producers certified/registered as Fair Trade, and a further 260 within our different country networks. COFTA as a network is working towards the vision of an African continent free from poverty and trade injustices. Through our work, we are involved in promoting the sustainable development of African producers into successful businesses, and in particular, businesses owned and run by African women. Through Fair Trade, African producers have been able to benefit from long term partnerships, support services, capacity building and an opportunity to earn a living in dignity. Many producers who started small have grown into strong businesses as a result of Fair Trade. Others have been able to provide better living conditions and economic benefit to their employees, members and a large host of beneficiaries. COFTA is a unique partner because we are a truly authentic African producer network. COFTA was started by African producers and is supported by African producers. Moreover, through our ability to bring together all Fair Trade actors in the continent we stand at the centre of the Fair Trade movement in Africa and are able to represent the voice of African producers to the movement. We have worked towards providing home grown solutions to our challenges, and this has supported the high level of ownership that producers have in COFTA.

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Name of InstitutionCooperation for Fair Trade in Africa (COFTA)

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