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International Amber Association

Date : 2011-04-13 15:09:50

DescriptionThe organisation associates manufacturers and merchants from the amber industry, artists who create amber works of art and the collectors of natural specimens and historical amber artefacts. The Association also includes researchers from various scientific fields who deal with amber-related issues. The Association has currently 233 members, including 69 members from 23 countries from throughout the world, including the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Canada, Spain, India, South Africa and the Dominican Republic.

Street Addressul. Beniowskiego 5, Hall B6, pok. 116A, 80-382



Name of InstitutionInternational Amber Association

Phone(48 58) 554 92 23


Fax(48 58) 554 92 23

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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