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Date : 2011-04-05 10:20:16

DescriptionThe Creative Industries and Crafts Development Program is one of the GACC's main activities. Cultural Industries has been an integral part of the cultural history of Georgia; among the treasures left behind by ancient civilizations that are currently on displays and storages of the different museums of Georgia, and the traditions kept in of folk-art, reflect the brilliant craftsmanship and creativity of yesteryear; during the centuries this production has been a source not only of cultural pride but also of economic livelihood, exchange of ideas and creativity. Georgia’s heritage includes a legacy of finely made crafts that use rich and diverse techniques for weaving, ceramic making, wood-carving, jewelry, painting, engraving etc. The GACC through the trainings, collaboration in product development, production and marketing, offers the practical assistance to foster artistic traditions, to raise cultural vitality, to improve economical viability of cultural institutions, crafts based enterprises and crafts community. , the GACC helps increase the economic viability of the Georgian crafts sector. GACC cooperates with more than 600 individual artisans and crafts based businesses all over Georgia are represented, including professional craftsmen, crafts-based studios and workshops, small and medium enterprises, women, inmates, and orphans and disabled children.

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