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Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation

Date : 2011-04-04 17:07:27

DescriptionYerzhan Tatishev Foundation, in co-operation with Eurasian Foundation for Central Asia (EFCA), realizes project aimed on supporting two regional information resources on crafts in Shymkent and Aktau cities. Project is fulfilled within the framework of revitalizing the crafts in Kazakhstan program, being realized by EFCA since 2005. Craft is embodiment of culture of any nation. Even though Kazakhstan got ahead of its neighbors in development of economy, analysis of the crafts sector showed that the country takes last place among Central-Asian republics. This situation has very bad impact on such fields of economy as tourism and souvenirs production. Because of lack of local producers most souvenirs sold in Kazakhstan are manufactured in Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey, China and Kyrgyzstan. For example, Kyrgyz productions are often sold as Kazakh thanks to similarity between traditional designs and paintings. These productions are very popular and of higher quality.

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Name of InstitutionYerzhan Tatishev Foundation

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