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Arco Iris

Date : 2011-04-04 15:21:18

DescriptionSince 1994, the Arco Iris (Rainbow) Foundation is a non-government organization, based in the principles of the Roman Catholic Church, that fights discrimination and social exclusion of poor and homeless children, teenagers and young adults, that live and work in the streets of La Paz and have no opportunities to improve their future. They are orphans or victims of family violence, abuse, rape and other mistreatments. By providing integral support: Food, housing, medical attention, clothing, support in their academic studies and technical job training, they also have a handicraft production unit.

Street AddressCalle Capitán Echeverría 265

CityLa Paz


Name of InstitutionArco Iris

Phone(591 1) 2784118



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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