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Integrated Artisan Development Project

Date : 2011-04-04 12:25:30

DescriptionUNDP Artisan Project that started in 1999. The purpose of UNDP’s artisan project in Tibet is to find creative means of alleviating poverty in rural Tibet by building upon the community’s indigenous skills, knowledge and resources and artisan work is part of this indigenous framework. The ultimate result of our work is that we not only hope to raise the standard of living in rural Tibet, but also to prove that cultural enterprises such as artisan activities can be seen as cultural capital; thus giving culture an economic value for livelihood empowerment.

Street AddressUnited Nations Development Programme, China; 2 Liangmahe Nanlu



Name of InstitutionIntegrated Artisan Development Project

Phone(86 10) 65323731


Fax(86 10) 65322567

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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