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Dastkar Andhra

Date : 2011-03-30 10:34:56

DescriptionDastkar Andhra's Objectives 1. To establish viability of Handloom – as Livelihood, as Product and as Technology 2. To work with weaver, weaver institution, market and state in achieving this 3. Create a supportive policy process and environment 4. To work with producer institutions that are equitable by design and in operation; strengthen institutions at the rural level, by making co-operatives more accountable to its members 5. Impact the bargaining power of the weaver both in his immediate context (within co-op and other networks), with the market and the state 6. Innovate on handloom market development and work on models for risk-taking and promotion 7. Participate in industry growth by the training and dissemination routes, as well as the above Facilitating participation and equity within and demonstrating the viability of the handloom industry are the long term aims of Dastkar Andhra. Its engagement with weaver communities is based on these principles, insisting on the need for transparency in transactions at all levels and control of different aspects of the production process by the producers themselves.

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