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Tabitha Foundation

Date : 2011-03-28 16:41:03

DescriptionThe Tabitha Foundation is a benevolent trust, founded in 1994 to support aid efforts begun and organized by Janne Ritskes. Its field activities are centred in Cambodia. The integrated development initiatives include work in health care, education, sanitation (water, sewage), housing, small business and co-operatives. One area of activity is the cottage industry (CI). The purpose of Ci is to provide a source of supplemental income through the development and marketing of products that use the hand skills of these people and that will allow them to meet their home life needs. CI is a program that provides piece rate work for people. In a community where the need exists, CI forms a group of people. This group discovers a specific hand skill within the group. This skill varies: crocheting, knitting, weaving, sewing, wood-carving etc. A product line is designed and will be group specific as long as they can meet demand. CI buys the raw materials. Each group selects a supervisor who picks up materials and delivers finished goods each week. She keeps a complete record of work. She returns poor quality goods and works with the person to correct any errors. Tabitha has a online store and various stores in Canada where they sell crafts.

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Name of InstitutionTabitha Foundation

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