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Faroese Handicraft Association

Date : 2011-03-28 15:17:05

DescriptionBefore the Faroese Handcraft Association was founded in 1986, no such association has existed in the faroe Islands. Several local associations had untill then been selling handcrafted items, for example Norðoya Heimavirki, Eysturoyar Heimavirki, Føroyskt Heimavirki og Suðuroyar Heimavirkið. The reason while it was desided to establish a nation-wide craft association, was the wish to participate in the Nordic Handicraft Association. In The Nordic Handicraft Association each membercountry has the chairmanship 3 years at a time and in connection with the handing of the chairmanship, there is a handcraft-thing. Further, the membercountries take turns in arranging handcraft meetings. The Faroese Handcraft Association participated in the meetings of the Nordic handcraft Association in 1980 and 1983, and participated with an excibition. In 1984 the yearly meeting of the Nordic Handcraft Association was in Tórshavn. Óluva Husgarð, Gunnvør Bærentsen and Ása Klein from the committe of the faroese Handcraft Association were invited to participate in the meeting. At the meeting the faroese participants were indirectly told, that if the Faroe Islands were going to me a membercountry of the Nordic Handcraft Association, a nation-wide association had to be founded. Óluva, Gunnvør and Ása therefore investigated the interest in such association in the Faroe Islands, with the aim of founding a nation-wide association. the 28. of May 1986 the Faroese Handcraft Association was founded in "Metteustovu" in Tórshavn. At the general meeting regulations and a committee were elected. The aims of the association were as follows : - to support interested handcrafters and to arouse an interest of handcraft among people, - to process quality-articles, which fulfil modern requirements and - to preserve old handcraft-traditions.

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