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Parents Circle Families Forum

Date : 2011-03-28 12:13:58

DescriptionThe Parents' Circle - Families Forum is a nonprofit organization that promotes dialogue and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis who have lost loved ones in the present conflict. The over 500 members grieve together, speak together, and share with each other, breaking down national boundaries and promoting healing rather than revenge. The Parent's Circle believes that the people of Israel and Palestine want to, and will, work together for peace. Face-to-face reconciliation programs, such as weekend trips abroad, are designed to bring together Israeli and Palestinian youth and adults that may not normally have the opportunity to meet and speak. Public campaigns and media seek to reach a wider audience, such as the upcoming TV drama series "Opening Hearts;" an international art exhibit called "Offering Reconciliation;" and a weekly radio show "A New Direction." However, there is no denying that the economies of both Israel and Palestine have been hard hit by the conflict, with the impact particularly severe for Palestinians. Noting the economic needs of many of the Palestinian women in Gaza participating in dialogue, the Parents Circle recently began supporting an income-generating project where Palestinian women embroider accessories to earn much-needed additional income. The sale of this embroidery not only supports the needs of women and families in Gaza, but also supports the continuation of dialogue and reconciliation that is necessary to bring a sustainable peace to the region.

Street AddressHayasmin 1 St.

CityRamat Efal


Name of InstitutionParents Circle Families Forum

Phone(972 3) 5355089


Fax(972 3) 6358367

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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