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SaiMai – Lao Project

Date : 2011-03-03 11:53:59

DescriptionThe NON profit NGO "SaiMai ~ Lao Project" established in 2007-8 one Maternity Waiting Home (MWH) near to each of the 17 district hospitals (districts of Salavan, Sekong and Attapeu), which developed income generating activities for the beneficiary people. The objective is to provide health care, safe delivery and training on handicraft production for Income Generating Activities (IGA) as one of the sustainabilty strategies for the MWH. Presentation of the organization: Fr.: En.: key words: Safe delivery, women's education and training

Street AddressManilay Centre, Somsagna Village, Saisettha District



Name of InstitutionSaiMai - Lao Project

Phone(+856-21) 562 3675


Fax(+856-21) 562 3675

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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