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Asociación de Artesanos del Tropicó de Cochabamba (Artetropic)

Date : 2011-02-15 09:24:59

DescriptionARTETROPIC (Asociacion de Artesanos del Tropic de Cochabamba) is an umbrella organization of seven artisan associations working with over 600 indigenous families in the Chapare region of Bolivia. The artisans that work with ARTETROPIC create art using locally available natural resources. In this principal coca-producing region ARTETROPIC plays an important role in providing a viable alternate means of income generation. The organization offers technical assistance to ensure that products and crafts are marketable and helps artisans identify prospective buyers. Focusing on the greater development of each of its partner associations, ARTETROPIC helps each to develop its own unique business plan. The ultimate goal of the organization is to increase employment and income opportunities for Chapare women. Thus far, ARTETROPIC has helped its artisans-mostly women-earn wages that are above Bolivia's minimum wage.

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CitySanta Cruz


Name of InstitutionAsociación de Artesanos del Tropicó de Cochabamba (Artetropic)




Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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