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Accueil de Sans Abri

Date : 2011-01-17 10:57:16

DescriptionThe ASA is an association offering families are homeless or in precarious Antananarivo, is a journey into three stages for their installation as farmers on virgin land in the Middle-West Madagascar, an d training a year to settle as a craftsman in the capital. Chaque année l'ASA, reçoit 20 nouvelles familles qui, après trois ans d'aide personnalisée et de formation, créeront un nouveau village et deviendront de vrais paysans autonomes sur leurs propres terres. Each year the ASA received 20 new families who, after three years of personal counseling and training, create a new village and become true independent farmers on their own land. En même temps 80 stagiaires en artisanat sont formés chaque année. At the same time 80 craft trainees are trained each year.

Street AddressSt Francis Village - Lot II Y-43 G Andrainarivo Ampasanimalo



Name of InstitutionAccueil de Sans Abri

Phone(261 20) 22 403 46


Fax(261 20) 22 417 34

Type of ActivityTraining Institution

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