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Noor Al Hussein Foundation

Date : 2011-01-06 14:28:59

DescriptionMission is to facilitate lasting change in underprivileged communities by creating economic opportunities, building capacity for self-reliance and improving livelihoods through programs that promote: ·poverty alleviation and job creation·access to microfinance ·participatory decision-making and advocacy ·income-generation enterprise establishment at the community level ·business development services ·sustainable community development ·women’s empowerment ·family health care One project is the Aqaba Center that trains unemployed secondary school graduates and disadvantaged women in the production of marketable tourist items. Since its inception in 1986, the number of beneficiaries has exceeded 50,000, a majority of them women. Through its projects, the Aqaba Center addresses the economic, social and cultural needs of families in Aqaba.

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Name of InstitutionNoor Al Hussein Foundation

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