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Guardian Village Handicrafts

Date : 2011-01-04 16:13:02

DescriptionWomen are trained and equipped to produce hand beaded jewelry and accessories. As the handcrafted items are sold, the proceeds are returned to Nepal to provide the food, clothing, shelter and education for the children who have been rescued from risk. From the purchase of the raw materials and product development, to the duplication, quality control and packaging/shipping, they provide leadership and guidance. GVH purchases the raw materials from local and regional sources. (Water buffalo beads, wool and lokta (rice) paper from Nepal; cut stones and glass beads from India and Thailand.) There are approximately 20 ladies who are trained and employed to craft the various items. Once the handicrafts are produced they are sent to the US. The products are sold through a growing wholesale network and through volunteer run home-parties. (Specializing in handmade jewelry and accessories, crafted lokta paper and knitted bags.)

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