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Elementos Argentinos

Date : 2010-11-17 12:22:50

DescriptionDecorative Textiles for Handmade House. Carpets, Rugs, Aguayo, Cushions, Bed Footboard, bedspreads, table runners and floor. Designs Native, Colonial and Modern. Handwoven Home Textiles made in the Northern Provinces of Argentina. Great Selection of Rugs, Blankets, Runners, Cushions and Throws. Native, Colonial and Contemporary Designs. *** In the north of Argentina life is simple. Time runs smoothly, at the rhythm of nature. Colors are intense, to warm up and give us joy. Hard work can be noticed just by looking at people’s hands. History is revealed in every detail. We have looked for and designed products that communicate precisely that combining contemporary designs with ancient native American art and Spanish colonial patterns to create products that are both truly Argentinean and universal. Unique pieces of textile art created by more than 80 weavers and craftsmen from six different provinces, who continue working by hand, like their parents and grandparents did. Design. Tradition. Warmth. Hard Work. Fair Trade. All of these are values that distinguish our products. PRODUCTION: All of our products are handmade by weavers and craftsmen from the northern provinces of Argentina, that keep alive the old tradition of loom weaving following ancient knowledge and teachings. Each and every one of them is unique, because even when the piece is replicable (and some of them are not) it will have its special details such as certain thickness of the thread or the way tincture dyed it. After shearing the llama, sheep, alpaca or vicuña, its wool (called at this instance “vellón”) is hand spun into a thin, continuous, thread. Then, a second thread is added and it is spun again to make a strong yet flexible yarn. The following step is a very careful washing process to take off all organic elements and animal grease (lanolin), which is very useful while spinning but may interfere in the dyeing process. Sun dried, the wool is now ready to be dyed using both natural pigments (from plants, fruits, flowers, minerals and other natural elements) and dyes. Then weaving on the loom begins in a process that, depending on the size and complexity of the chosen pattern and design, can take from a couple of days up to several weeks of hard work.

Street AddressStore: Gurruchaga 1881.

CityBuenos Aires


Name of InstitutionElementos Argentinos

Phone(54-11) 4832-6299



Type of ActivityDesigner

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