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Date : 2010-09-29 09:16:55

DescriptionThe idea of Antukal was born from a personal inspiration to value the handcraft works in Chile that make them unique and exclusive with delicate and subtle way in each one of their details. The creations were initiated by seeking a delicate fashion for men, women and kids whom would then look like unique in their style. Antukal means in mapudungun language: Sun and Wool. Chile is located in a privilege place with the following main players: the sun and the Andes Mountain. The wool is the response to be protected by this cold sun from Chile due to its climatic condition. My goal is to cross the borders to the world and present the creations made of sheep & alpaca wool and threads playing with geometric forms and combinations of colors.

Street AddressAv Vitacura 3591

CitySantiago de Chile


Name of InstitutionAntukal




Type of ActivityDesigner

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