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Korean Paper Work Association

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:46

DescriptionKorea created and exported excellent quality dak-paper (called goyeosi or hansi) to China. The craft used to make dak-paper developed into our daily lives. The association was established in 1986 to take over and cultivate folk paper-work and paper culture. In 1991, it founded the Korea Paper Culture Center as an affiliate. In the paper-work skill study meeting, they developed and studied various techniques. Further, they offer classes and hold seminars to train instructors.Presently, they have 270 classes in branches all over the country.

Street Address3,4,5 floor, Jonginara building 62-35 1ga, Jangchungdong, Junggu


CountrySouth Korea

Name of InstitutionKorean Paper Work Association

Phone(82 2) 2264 4561


Fax(82 2) 2264 4565

Type of ActivityArtisan / Artisan Group

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