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The Taos Center for Southwest Wool Traditions

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:42

DescriptionWool Traditions is a non-profit formed to buy wool from local sheep growers to produce affordable wool yarn for weavers of the Southwest, and to create an educational center to maintain the connections between land, water, sustainable agriculture and the living cultural traditions of the Hispanic, Pueblo and Diné (Navajo) communities. Taos Center Wool Traditions' plan was to establish a wool processing facility in the Taos area providing organic wool washing, spinning and natural dyeing. Included will be a retail space to sell naturally dyed yarn and weavings made from local wools. Educational exhibits will tell the story of the process from sheep raising to finished weaving. Individual weavers using local yarn will be featured with photos and directions of how to visit and/or buy weavings from them.

Street Address

CityRanchos de Taos

CountryUnited States of America

Name of InstitutionThe Taos Center for Southwest Wool Traditions




Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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