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European Folk Art and Craft Federation (EFACF)

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:42

DescriptionThe organization was founded in Switzerland 1972 . It is a small association built on democratic principles and open to any organization or institute who are working with traditional craft expressions with a non commercial point of view. Today the Federation is a network consisting of 11 European organizations in ten different countries. Every year there is a members meeting in one of the member countries, and every third year is the general assembly. The network aims to strengthen contact between craftsmen and organizers of craft activity in European countries in the context of exchanging skills and knowledge about traditional crafts.

Street AddressRosenkrantz gt 21, 0160



Name of InstitutionEuropean Folk Art and Craft Federation (EFACF)

Phone(47 22) 00 87 00


Fax(47 22) 00 87 50

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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