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Ethical Purchasing Forum

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:42

DescriptionThe Ethical Purchasing Forum was inspired by the UK Co-op’s movement to support Fair Trade and initiated by the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies at the University of Victoria with the idea to further dialogue on the role of co-ops and fair trade in this region. After inviting other organizations to the table to discuss the idea of a forum, the idea quickly grew from a more limited discussion on Fair Trade and co-ops to the wider discussion of Ethical Trade in the region. The first Ethical Purchasing Forum is designed to bring together co-operatives, businesses, activists, faith groups, academics, indigenous organisations, farmers, labour groups and politicians to enhance ethical trade in the Victoria region.

Street AddressBC Institute for Co-operative Studies, Room 109, University of Victoria House 2



Name of InstitutionEthical Purchasing Forum

Phone(1 250) 472 4539


Fax(1 250) 472 4541

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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