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Qui Dit Mieux

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:39

DescriptionQui Dit Mieux was started by Mrs. Grace Dotou, a retired headmistress who wanted to do something to reduce the number of plastic trash bags strewn around her town. It took her six months to come up with a prototype that she was happy with, but now she and 20 other women are busy crocheting post consumer plastic trash bags into colorful handbags, dolls, placemats and scarves. They have workshops in 16 different counties within the country, and have been invited by NGO’s in other West African countries to teach the process as well.

Street Address

CityPorto Novo


Name of InstitutionQui Dit Mieux

Phone(229) 21 47 54


Fax(229) 21 48 61

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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