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Choiseul Association for Tourism, Craft and Heritage (CATCH)

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:38

DescriptionAn initiative to integrate craft productions with the development of Heritage sites in the south-western community of Choiseul. The initiative - formulated by the St. Lucia Rural Enterprise Project, (SLREP) - resulted in the formation of the Choiseul Association for Craft and Heritage Tourism, CATCH. The over all objective of the project, is to develop a unique product for the Choiseul community. One of the major roles of the association is to coordinate the activities of craft and heritage tourism production that includes training, marketing and the procurement of raw material for crafters.

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CountrySaint Lucia

Name of InstitutionChoiseul Association for Tourism, Craft and Heritage (CATCH)

Phone(758) 459 9941



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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