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Get Paper Industry

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:34

DescriptionGet Paper Industry, A Hand Made Paper Products Cooperative, is a hand made paper and paper products making unit. It uses waste materials like cotton rags, waste paper, agriculture waste like banana fibbers, straw and water hyacinth. The production process is environmentally friendly and paper drying is based on sun light. There is waste water treatment plant to process waste water. Get Paper Industry is established as a hand made paper company in 1985 as General Paper Industry. It used to use Lokta plant as a raw material. After building relation with The Body Shop in 1988, GPI learnt about the recycling technique from the Consultants of The Body Shop. It was with the help of Mara Amat and Sam Roddick, daughter of Dame Anita Roddick OBE and Gordon Roddick of The Body Shop International that GPI learnt about production of recycled paper and paper products.

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CityBansbari, Kathmandu


Name of InstitutionGet Paper Industry

Phone(977 1) 4370819


Fax(977 1) 4374234

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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